Our 50 minute preschool classes for 3-5 year olds are designed to help lay the foundation for basic gymnastics and movement skills, while your child develops a love for exercise and fitness. 


 Our 1 hour Developmental classes are designed for your 4/5 Level 2 and 6 year and older child. They will build confidence while learning basic gymnastics skills on uneven bars,  balance beams, spring floor, vaulting, and trampoline. Activities are designed to develop strength, flexibility and agility.  Our Developmental Level 2 classes are 90 minutes long and include extra conditioning and longer events.


 Our Pre-Team is an invitation only program for more serious recreational gymnasts.  Gymnasts come twice a week for 90 minute classes.  Pre-Team gymnasts will be introduced to competition through a fun, low-key in house meet.  


 We offer Summer Camp for ages 5 and up.  Your gymnast will learn new skills, make new friends and have their very own Summer Camp Showcase to show you their new skills.